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Start your engines: Unleash the racer in your child with our Race Academy

Do you have a budding Lewis Hamilton in the making? Is your child’s need for speed insatiable? Look no further than Absolutely Karting’s Race Academy, where young racers can hone their go-karting skills and potentially take their first steps towards a thrilling career in motorsports. Go karting in Bristol and Maidenhead has never been this exciting!

We’re dedicated to nurturing young talent, offering an extraordinary opportunity for budding racers to learn the ins and outs of go karting. As we all know, some of the greatest Formula 1 legends started their careers on the karting track, and we believe the same potential lies in the hearts of our young racers.

The road to motorsport stardom

Go karting is not just a thrilling hobby; it’s a fundamental training ground for future racing stars. Take, for instance, Lewis Hamilton, one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers in history, who started his journey in a go kart. His story, among many others including Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen, is a testament to the benefits of early exposure to karting. The precision, discipline, and reflexes honed on the go karting circuit are the very skills that have taken numerous racing legends to the pinnacles of motorsports. With our Race Academy, your child can explore their passion for karting, and who knows, perhaps we’re nurturing the next world champion!

Why choose go karting for your child?

Go karting provides numerous benefits for young enthusiasts. It fosters teamwork and sportsmanship, and essential skills such as hand-eye coordination, focus, and strategic thinking, all in a safe and controlled environment. Moreover, go karting allows children to develop a love for motorsports at a young age, potentially opening doors to exciting career opportunities in the future.

Absolutely Karting’s Race Academy

We are committed to nurturing young talent and guiding them towards excellence in go karting. Our Race Academy offers a comprehensive programme designed to provide a structured karting education:

  • Expert instruction: Our Race Academy is led by experienced instructors who are passionate about karting. They’ll teach your child the fundamental skills needed to become a competitive kart racer.
  • Safety first: Safety is paramount at Absolutely Karting. We provide all the necessary safety gear, and our team ensures all participants adhere to safety guidelines throughout the programme.
  • Practical skills: Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from kart control to racing techniques. Your child will learn the art of overtaking, cornering, and race craft – all essential for success in racing.
  • Race simulation: As part of the Academy, your child will experience the thrill of racing. They’ll learn about race strategies, timing, and how to handle different track conditions.
  • Competitions: Friendly competitions with fellow Academy members will give your child the opportunity to apply their learning in a competitive setting.
  • Race day experience: The Academy culminates in a special Race Day event, where your child can test their skills in a real race environment.
  • Fun and friendship: Beyond developing skills, karting is a fantastic way to make friends and enjoy a thrilling, yet safe, adrenaline rush.

Go karting in Maidenhead and Bristol

Absolutely Karting’s Race Academy is available at our Bristol venue every half-term, offering a perfect opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the world of go karting. For those located near Maidenhead, we run a 6-week academy regularly, allowing participants to deepen their skills and passion for karting.

Get your child on the fast track to success

Absolutely Karting’s Race Academy programme is the ultimate stepping stone for children looking to learn the skills of go karting. With the right guidance and practise, your child could be the next racing champion.

Whether you’re looking for go karting in Bristol or go karting in Maidenhead, we have you covered. Enrol your child today, and let’s ignite their passion for karting.

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