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Go karting for beginners at Absolutely Karting

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Our team are happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Become a speed demon with our top tips for go karting

You want to wear something you will be comfortable in under a jumpsuit. If what you’re wearing is too restrictive, you’ll spend more time worrying about getting comfy than Barry slipping up on the inside of you to overtake! And don’t wear something that you’re concerned about getting filthy – that white silk dress is a definite no-no.

On your feet, go for trainers, or similar – please note that you won’t be allow to set foot on the track if you’re wearing flip flops, heels, sliders, or any open-toed shoes.

We ask everyone to arrive 45 minutes before your track time so you can take part in an essential safety briefing – if you miss this, there’s no racing for you! You’ll then be taken to your kart and it’s time to get racing.


There’s no way of doing this elegantly! Listen to our race marshals as they will help so you get your feet in the right place. Once in, you should position yourself so that you can easily reach the pedals with your legs slightly bent – similar to a driving position. You shouldn’t have to reach forward to grab the steering wheel.

The right pedal is your accelerator, and the left pedal is your brake – there’s no clutch or gears to worry about in a kart. Press the accelerator to go faster and the brake to slow down – it’s that simple.

If you drive a car, you’ll know what it’s like when you drive an unfamiliar vehicle. You need to get used to the pedals and it’s the same in a kart. Start by gently pushing the accelerator to get an idea of how much force you need to give to get it to move, and then do the same with the brake.

We appreciate that sometimes you can’t remember everything you will have learnt in the safety briefing, so our marshals will be out on the track to remind drivers of the rules – please listen and respect them.

The key to getting faster is to keep the drive as smooth as possible. It’s about getting used to the kart and the track, so you don’t lose momentum by having to brake suddenly. Also make sure you benefit from the track straights as these give you the opportunity to really put the pedal to the floor and increase your speed.

The more times you go around the track the more you’ll start to anticipate what corner or straight is coming up, and you’ll know when to speed up or slow down.

Now you know what you need to do, let’s get you on the track!

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Yellow and black helmet
Whether you simply want to test your driving skills, or you’re planning a celebration, join us for some thrilling fun at Absolutely Karting.