Go Karting

Family of four, two adults and two children. Smiling and looking happy.



  • You can book 4 or more drivers and get 15% off with code ‘4ORMORE’
  • Enjoy 25 minutes of go karting
  • Children must be at least eight years old and over 1.3m tall
  • Safety briefing takes place 30 minutes before track time
  • Balaclava and gloves are required and can be hired or purchased online or at site or you can bring your own along if they are suitable
  • If everyone in the group is over the age of 14 you must book an ADULT session
Dad and son about to go karting.


The minimum age for a cadet kart (that’s what we call a child go kart) is 8 years old, and the minimum age for an adult kart is 14 years old. There is no upper limit, but the racer needs to be healthy and able to get in and out of the kart. All drivers also need to be at least 130cm (4ft 3in) in height.

We offer special karts for our cadets with 120cc to 160cc engines, providing younger drivers with a fantastic opportunity to race around our tracks.

We’ll always do our best to squeeze you in on the day, but it is advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Very much so – but only if drivers follow the rules! Before heading out onto the track, every driver must take part in a safety briefing. If these rules are followed, you will have a perfectly safe and massively fun time.

Have another question about go karting for families? Contact our friendly team today.


Whether you simply want to test your driving skills, or you’re planning a celebration, join us for some thrilling fun at Absolutely Karting.

craig beckey
13 February 2024
Great track but hard on a old man's arms Will return
13 February 2024
For my first time experience, it was the most fun I have ever had in a while. Despite having to be put through a lot of pressure, it was fun. I would absolutely recommend going here if you have had some kind of driving experience, whether that's driving lessons, or mario kart, it is so much fun, especially when you are with friends. Don't be afraid of going to slow, or being last place, the only thing that matters about go-karting, is the overall experience and fun that you have. 2 of my other friends did this, and we had a blast.
Sana Salman
9 February 2024
My son has enjoyed the Gokart along with his friends. Good experience for kids. Strongly recommend
20 January 2024
I'm actually riding to this place as I'm writing my review. This is my No. 1 go-to karting place when I wanna try to improve my skills. Both the 800 and 1000m tracks are very nice to race on and the track Marshalls are very kind. Edit Jan 2024: This track was where I started as a hobbyist karter and I look forward to hopefully coming back down :) I'd also like to add that the 270cc karts do have a difference to the 200cc you see in your average teamsport. The track is a lot more technical on the bottom but flat out on the top. They've done an amazing job segregating the beginner 200m and 800m adult tracks, while combining them for a perfect 1000m track
17 January 2024
Absolutely loving spend there time with all my family just for fun
Paul Riddell
8 January 2024
Had a great morning, thoroughly enjoyed the experience, hope to do it again soon... (Need to strengthen my hands and wrists before though... 😁😁😁)