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Race Academy FAQs

For the whole 6-week programme, the price is between £280 and £329, depending on whether you sign up for our Bristol or Maidenhead Race Academy programme.

Yes – cadets will be provided with a safety jumpsuit and helmet. At our Maidenhead track, the cost of the programme includes a helmet which young racers can take home and keep.

No, definitely not. They just need to have an interest in and enthusiasm for go karting. Our go karting lessons are run by our dedicated instructors and the programme starts with the basics and ends with advanced techniques. By the end, our cadets will have shaved off seconds from their fastest lap time.

Absolutely, safety is paramount. Before your child even steps foot into a kart, they will have a lesson about safety, and after that safety instructions are continuously reiterated before the start of each lesson.

90% of the fastest young drivers who race at Absolutely Karting learned their skills through our Race Academy, so yes it really does help kids learn how to drive like a professional at a young age.

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