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Whether it’s your Birthday, a Stag Do, your Work social or just for fun, Absolutely Karting provides awesome fun for small, medium and large groups. Our Le Mans style endurance races are for those that want safety in numbers. This adrenaline fuelled event requires strategy, communication, teamwork or just sheer endurance. Teams will need to work together and decide driver changes and pit stops to maximise their chance of standing on the podium.

If however you’d prefer to go lone ranger and keep all the glory for yourself, our F1 Experience will give everybody a series of mini races to earn points. The final race for the top 8 drivers will decide who takes the trophy. Why not take a look at our tasty food options too. We can provide hot bacon rolls for breakfast or tasty deep filled sandwiches for lunch. If you want something hot, we’d recommend the pizza.


  • 5 Minute Practice and Qualifying
  • 20 Minute Race

Single Track Prices from £34pp (Maximum Drivers 10)

Dual Track Prices from £44pp (Maximum Drivers 14)

  • 10 Minute Practice and Qualifying
  • 30 Minute Race

Single Track Prices from £44pp (Maximum Drivers 10)

Dual Track Prices from £54pp (Maximum Drivers 14)

  • Points Based Team Event
  • 4 x 5 Minute rounds (per driver)
  • 10 Minute race for top 8 drivers
  • 120 Minute event

Prices from £54pp

  • Team event
  • 5 minute practice and qualifying (1 driver per team)
  • 1 x 90 minute team race (grid start)
  • Pit lane driver changes
  • Minimum 5 teams

Prices start at £137 (per team/ kart)

  • Racing Only
  • Drivers can use own helmet if full faced and road legal and gloves if suitable

From £34pp

  • Includes Gloves and Balaclava each
  • Pink Suit Hire
  • 1 x Head Cam hire

Add £2 per driver/ £10 per team

  • Includes Gloves and Balaclava
  • Trophy Set
  • Pink Suit Hire
  • Head Cam hire
  • Soft drink per driver
  • Pizzas to share

Add £16 per driver/ £52 per team

Open Wednesday to Sunday and longer hours in school holidays

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