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Want to take part in one of our race events but don’t have enough people? Our standard events have been adapted to be a little bit more… Epic! Scheduled on only specific dates drivers can book onto these events regardless of group size and race other ‘like minded’ participants. With cool prizes for the three podium finishers, excellent value for money and a bit of a twist on our usual format, our open events are as awesome as they come.

Monaco is a test of any driver’s skill. 15 minute qualifier is followed by 15 minute race to the finish line. Have a break then get ready to do another 15 Minute race but this time with a reverse grid. Can you get on the podium for both races?

*Bristol Track Only. Book via our sales centre or just walk in.

The Iron Man is an endurance race not for the feint-hearted. 10 minute qualifier straight into a 30 minute race to the finish line. Runs every Saturday at Bristol.*

  • 09:30am arrival for 10:00am race.
  • 5:30pm arrival for 6:00pm race.

Book via our sales centre OR online. *Subject to track availability.

The Tag Team Challenge is a game of strategy. It’s you and your team mate timing your changes, practising those tricky driver swaps and getting the jump on your opponents. With a minimum number of driver changeovers, timing is everything. 20 minute qualifier followed by a 2 hour race.

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